Landfill Disposal of Sediment

"State and national experts agree that landfill disposal of low-level PCB wastes provides the highest level of protection to people, wildlife and the environment." - WDNR PCB Fact Sheet

The Little Lake Cleanup Team used the proven and safe method of disposing of sediment containing PCBs in an approved landfill.  This method of disposal was directed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources through the formal consent decree and record of decision (ROD) for the cleanup project.  The method was deemed safe because PCBs strongly bind themselves to solid particles like those found in solid waste and other organic material.  PCBs also bind to clay soils and remain there. 

In accordance with the ROD and consent decree, the Little Lake Cleanup Team reached a disposal agreement with Onyx Hickory Meadows Landfill, LLC, a facility in the Town of Chilton that is fully licensed with the State of Wisconsin for the disposal of materials containing PCBs.  The Hickory Meadows site disposed of sediment containing PCBs up to 50 parts per million, which was the vast majority of the sediment removed from Little Lake Butte des Morts.

Onyx Hickory Meadows Landfill has been a part of the Chilton community since 1999. The 660-acre site has more than seven million cubic yards of total permitted disposal air space. The facility features the most modern advances in landfill design - including a 60 mil HDPE synthetic liner and a four-foot engineered clay liner. Additionally, the natural clay layer underneath the Hickory Meadows site is between 20 and 45 feet thick, which acts as another safeguard in preventing PCBs from reaching the surrounding environment.

Onyx Hickory Meadows is fully licensed and permitted for its handling of sediment containing PCBs, and it is experienced in doing so. The site has safely disposed of similar sediment from the Hayton Area Remediation Project in Calumet County.

If you would like more information about the disposal of sediment containing PCBs, please contact Greg Swanson, natural resources educator with the WDNR, at (608) 264-6024. For specific questions regarding the Hickory Meadows Landfill, please call (920) 853-8553.
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