Little Lake Safety Information

Little Lake Cleanup Team members shared information about the project's in-water safety markers at a U.S. Coast Guard class on boating safety.

Safety was a top priority as our team worked to clean up Little Lake Butte des Morts. It was extremely important that everyone was aware of the in-water work areas, floating pipeline markers and established waterway channels for safe use of the lake.

Above Water Marking & Buoy System
When in-water work occurred, watercraft users on Little Lake Butte des Morts saw an extensive above water marking system for the team's pipeline, which floated above and below the water surface. The markers were used throughout the project when in-water work took place. 

Below are the pipeline structure delineators and safety buoys that were used for the project. The markers alerted recreational watercraft users to in-water work areas, the pipeline and our equipment.

DNR wardens monitored boaters on Little Lake Butte des Morts and everyone was asked to follow the safety guidelines.

Safety Markers




Large, round, orange buoys marked the entire length of the pipeline.  The reflective buoys appeared every 150 feet.



Lighted, orange and white buoys alerted watercraft to the pipeline system.  They were located 250 feet from both sides of the pipeline and marked the length of the pipeline every 500 feet.  The buoys warned boaters to stay clear of the floating pipeline. 



Lighted, orange and white “slow, no wake” buoys alerted all watercraft to go slow when crossing the pipeline through designated channels and near the equipment.


Large, safety alert signs were located where the floating pipeline was near or approached the shoreline and on the pipeline control barge. 


Four, lighted green and red channel buoys marked areas of the pipeline that were submerged for safe passage by watercraft.  

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